Ode to Beaker

I love Beaker. He is my spirit-muppet. So very expressive yet simple. He works so hard and means the best; yet, somehow, he always messes things up. Usually as a result of his actions no matter how he tries to avoid such disaster. There are times (few and far between) where the end results are because no one listens to Beaker.

The pain is real.

Planet 9

Whilst observing the Leonids early this morning, I used my Android application StarWalk2 to better acquaint myself with the various points of light in our sky. Through this app I discovered”Planet 9″.

Exploring the night sky with the stargazing app #StarWalk. #skywatching #astronomyapp https://starwalk2.page.link/share

A “super-Earth,” this captivated my attention with tales of an atmosphere of hydrogen and helium and an orbit of the sun that could take 15,000 Earth years. This “planet” was discovered via mathematical modeling and astronomical observations.

To become 1 year old on this planet would really be something to us Earth dwellers! The denizens of this hypothetical planet would also sound funny to us (based on the assumption of how a human sounds when breathing helium).

The Universe is unfathomably vast! We are so infinitesimally small in the big picture, yet our simple perceptions trick us in to believing we are the center of existence.

Been busy… living

Found on NASA’s APOD

Alas, I have not been lost at sea or anything exotic such as all that. It sounds like fun and I could use such an adventure. No. I merely realized today that I have failed to post a single thing to my blog since August.

Bad, pixie!

For this, I apologise.

Nothing exciting has really been happening as of late. Just day-to-day life. I wake up, play with my 3 year old daughter, exchange pleasantries with my 17 year old son (I can’t believe he’s that old already, my gawd!), go to work, come home, bathe, pass out.

The pain is real, people. The pain is real. LOL

Honestly, and forsooth, I will effort to be more active in sharing insights and observations, findings, and other such joys. Until then, party on!

It’s not a spittoon, it’s a urinal…

As many know, and most are just now learning, I work in maintenance at a Super-Walmart. The job can be disgusting, but mostly it often provides fodder for ponderance. Not only are the people curious in behavior and mere existence, but revelations are made on a near daily basis.

The Walmart Spark

One thing I have found is that the men’s urinal is often used to discard all sorts of stuff (I tried to find a different word for “stuff” but it’s too perfect a signifier of what I find); the most frustrating I often find being wads of chaw.

What is chaw?
It’s disgusting, is what it is.

A urinal is a sanitary plumbing fixture for urination only

Gents – the urinal is not a spittoon. As quoted from Wikipedia above, the urinal is for urination only. It is not a cuspidor for your chaw, gum, or what have you.

A cuspidor – this is where your chaw should go… or at least into a garbage collection unit.

What happens when chaw is disposed of in a urinal? Unseemly things such as clogged pipes and evacuated liquids everywhere.

Granted, this does indeed give me something to do but keep in mind – I have to put my hands in to that shit.

No number of layers of gloves or amount of bleach protects us from feeling unclean after such a task.

So please remember:

It’s a urinal. Not a spittoon.

How are you today? “I’m doing all right”

This is standard call and response at work for me. On days where I’m feeling frisky, I will respond with “I’m Fantastic!” Today, it was the quick response and end of expectations for me to talk response of ” I’m doing all right.” With a smile on my face I listen to the litany of complaints and woe-is-me.

In reality? I’m f-ah-reeking the fuck out.

I was having anxiety attack after panic attack and so forth… My knee kept dislocating and it level 7 hurt… My schizophrenia and paranoia was in high alert today… Top this off with hot flashes and painful gas that kept cramping my abdomen and shoulders… I was a mess today.

Yes. I took my meds.

I must have kept a pretty cool exterior because everyone was chill in response to me. I was a good worker bee, smiling and not complaining.

In retrospect, I’m sort of proud of myself! Go me!

Dragon Tattoo

January 2018, my artist (Jody Caudle) and I started a bone dragon tattoo on my right arm. The line work was done easy enough then life happened.

After many trials and tribulations, and 2 years later, my dragon has begun to take shape.

More work is to be done on it, but I am elated to finally move forward with this!

Forests and Sky Trees

Today, I learned the term “xylophile” – a lover of forests or woods.

I grew up around the redwoods of California. The smell, sounds, air, everything about these forests make me feel whole.

Years back, we found ourselves in Emmett, ID. A small quaint town, but no groups of trees with which to commune. I grew very depressed and took to late night walks (it was mid-summer and hot during the days).

One night, upon returning from a walk and commenting on how many stars I could see, my husband’s brilliance shone bright. He proceeds to tell me that no matter where I , I can ALWAYS find a forest. He called the stars “sky trees” and elucidated that I may not have a terra-type forest, but there is always a forest of stars above.

Since this adjustment in my perception, I have become an amateur astronomer. Never am I without shinrinroku!

I still am in love with terran forests.

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