Planet 9

Whilst observing the Leonids early this morning, I used my Android application StarWalk2 to better acquaint myself with the various points of light in our sky. Through this app I discovered”Planet 9″. Exploring the night sky with the stargazing app #StarWalk. #skywatching #astronomyapp A “super-Earth,” this captivated my attention with tales of an atmosphereContinue reading “Planet 9”

It’s not a spittoon, it’s a urinal…

As many know, and most are just now learning, I work in maintenance at a Super-Walmart. The job can be disgusting, but mostly it often provides fodder for ponderance. Not only are the people curious in behavior and mere existence, but revelations are made on a near daily basis. One thing I have found isContinue reading “It’s not a spittoon, it’s a urinal…”

How are you today? “I’m doing all right”

This is standard call and response at work for me. On days where I’m feeling frisky, I will respond with “I’m Fantastic!” Today, it was the quick response and end of expectations for me to talk response of ” I’m doing all right.” With a smile on my face I listen to the litany ofContinue reading “How are you today? “I’m doing all right””