Planet 9

Whilst observing the Leonids early this morning, I used my Android application StarWalk2 to better acquaint myself with the various points of light in our sky. Through this app I discovered”Planet 9″.

Exploring the night sky with the stargazing app #StarWalk. #skywatching #astronomyapp

A “super-Earth,” this captivated my attention with tales of an atmosphere of hydrogen and helium and an orbit of the sun that could take 15,000 Earth years. This “planet” was discovered via mathematical modeling and astronomical observations.

To become 1 year old on this planet would really be something to us Earth dwellers! The denizens of this hypothetical planet would also sound funny to us (based on the assumption of how a human sounds when breathing helium).

The Universe is unfathomably vast! We are so infinitesimally small in the big picture, yet our simple perceptions trick us in to believing we are the center of existence.

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