It’s not a spittoon, it’s a urinal…

As many know, and most are just now learning, I work in maintenance at a Super-Walmart. The job can be disgusting, but mostly it often provides fodder for ponderance. Not only are the people curious in behavior and mere existence, but revelations are made on a near daily basis.

The Walmart Spark

One thing I have found is that the men’s urinal is often used to discard all sorts of stuff (I tried to find a different word for “stuff” but it’s too perfect a signifier of what I find); the most frustrating I often find being wads of chaw.

What is chaw?
It’s disgusting, is what it is.

A urinal is a sanitary plumbing fixture for urination only

Gents – the urinal is not a spittoon. As quoted from Wikipedia above, the urinal is for urination only. It is not a cuspidor for your chaw, gum, or what have you.

A cuspidor – this is where your chaw should go… or at least into a garbage collection unit.

What happens when chaw is disposed of in a urinal? Unseemly things such as clogged pipes and evacuated liquids everywhere.

Granted, this does indeed give me something to do but keep in mind – I have to put my hands in to that shit.

No number of layers of gloves or amount of bleach protects us from feeling unclean after such a task.

So please remember:

It’s a urinal. Not a spittoon.

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