Been busy… living

Found on NASA’s APOD

Alas, I have not been lost at sea or anything exotic such as all that. It sounds like fun and I could use such an adventure. No. I merely realized today that I have failed to post a single thing to my blog since August.

Bad, pixie!

For this, I apologise.

Nothing exciting has really been happening as of late. Just day-to-day life. I wake up, play with my 3 year old daughter, exchange pleasantries with my 17 year old son (I can’t believe he’s that old already, my gawd!), go to work, come home, bathe, pass out.

The pain is real, people. The pain is real. LOL

Honestly, and forsooth, I will effort to be more active in sharing insights and observations, findings, and other such joys. Until then, party on!

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I am who I am for that is all I can be.

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