How are you today? “I’m doing all right”

This is standard call and response at work for me. On days where I’m feeling frisky, I will respond with “I’m Fantastic!” Today, it was the quick response and end of expectations for me to talk response of ” I’m doing all right.” With a smile on my face I listen to the litany of complaints and woe-is-me.

In reality? I’m f-ah-reeking the fuck out.

I was having anxiety attack after panic attack and so forth… My knee kept dislocating and it level 7 hurt… My schizophrenia and paranoia was in high alert today… Top this off with hot flashes and painful gas that kept cramping my abdomen and shoulders… I was a mess today.

Yes. I took my meds.

I must have kept a pretty cool exterior because everyone was chill in response to me. I was a good worker bee, smiling and not complaining.

In retrospect, I’m sort of proud of myself! Go me!

Published by PiskiePixie

I am who I am for that is all I can be.

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