Forests and Sky Trees

Today, I learned the term “xylophile” – a lover of forests or woods.

I grew up around the redwoods of California. The smell, sounds, air, everything about these forests make me feel whole.

Years back, we found ourselves in Emmett, ID. A small quaint town, but no groups of trees with which to commune. I grew very depressed and took to late night walks (it was mid-summer and hot during the days).

One night, upon returning from a walk and commenting on how many stars I could see, my husband’s brilliance shone bright. He proceeds to tell me that no matter where I , I can ALWAYS find a forest. He called the stars “sky trees” and elucidated that I may not have a terra-type forest, but there is always a forest of stars above.

Since this adjustment in my perception, I have become an amateur astronomer. Never am I without shinrinroku!

I still am in love with terran forests.

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I am who I am for that is all I can be.

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