Listening to 80’s music

I sit on my bed, next to my husband of 26 years, listening to songs of our past. I remember sitting on my bed as a teenager, staring out the window, listening to these same songs. Life was big and promising then. Now? Now I feel like I’m constantly floundering.

Published by PiskiePixie

I am who I am for that is all I can be.

3 thoughts on “Listening to 80’s music

  1. Hi dear friend,
    When you look back it may be nostalgic and make you sad..
    When you look forward,it may make you anxious..
    But I would say..dear.. don’t worry.
    You can make a wonderful present time..May be you have got to face lot of struggle.. But being in th Now, will make you and your world a beautiful one.
    I just felt the pain you were hiding..You have miles to go.
    Don’t give up!

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